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    Blue Sea Marinas deliver comprehensive marina management services in the public and private sector.


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  • 30 years in the marine industry



    Blue Sea Marinas can assist your existing marina organisation by supplying interim or short-term contract marina management.


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    Through the utilisation of our management expertise we can improve the functions of the marina to deliver greater profitability for the owner.


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Marina Management Services

Our management services draw on over 30 years’ experience of the marine leisure industry to deliver skilled management support and professional advice

Management Gold

Management Gold involves BSML undertaking complete on-site management responsibility for your marina or boatyard operation. For an annual fee Blue Sea Marinas contract to manage your facility with full day-to-day responsibility for the operation. An agreed reporting structure is put in place which will keep you informed of performance on a monthly or quarterly basis or however often you wish. The main benefit of a fixed-term management contract is that it leaves you with control of the asset but provides peace of mind that the business is being run efficiently and profitably thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities or to take some time away.


Management Silver

Management Silver is our product for marina facilities that would benefit from experienced senior management support on a contract basis. BSML operate this service with a combination of on-site management, telephone/email support and reporting. We understand that no two operations are the same so we work with our clients to develop this product to suit the organisation.



Management Bronze

Scheduled annual, bi-annual, quarterly business reviews


Management Bronze provides scheduled reviews of your business. Our reviews are typically carried out over a one or two day period and follows a set review process. Initially the review is presented in report format but in order to ensure deliverable results we often look to meet with clients, operators and managers to discuss findings and set targets for the next review.


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